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Our services

We offer a service that consists on doing ourselves some of our customers operational value chain activities. We are experts in assembly processes, electronic welding and others; provide qualified operations and integrated consulting services. We do all the industrialization process which is designing, building and managing an assembly line or department.

Our competitive advantage is to enable our customers effective and sustainable improvements such as quality,

delivery time and response time.

Kitting/ Pre-assembly

Deliver of production line mounted components with just-in-time basis.

We offer a complete range of services such as creation of component kits, online assembly service and ensure

continuity of material flow in the manufacturing process.

Product Assembly

Based in the method just-in-time, we supply mounting of finished product from modules and components, series of standardized products creation and supply and delivering of assembled components in production line.

Screening /Inspection

We ensure components and product screening, rework, inspection and quality control.


Packing in accordance with specifications; we make shrink-packaging, re-packaging of final product, semi-finished

product and finished product launch campaigns and product promotion.


We create solutions for efficient and reliable labeling of items, boxes, packages and parcels.


Storage of components, semi-finished and finished product.

We optimize inventory levels to supply on time and to dispose accurate real-time inventory.

We help to reduce costs, to reduce inventories, and to better coordinate the supply with demand.

Transport and Distribution

We perform the transport and distribution of the final and semi-finished product to domestic and international distributors, or to the end customer.

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